Festival of coffee and chocolate 29.02 – 01.03. 2020

If you like coffee or chocolate or both, this two-days festival is for you. During two days of tasting you can learn about the Mexican origin of cocoa, taste hundreds of classical and new chocolate tastes, see how chocolate was produced in ancient times. Besides of that, you will learn interesting things about chocolate: it was appreciated as an ingredient giving strength, an aphrodisiac waking up sexual appetite, a remedy for a fatigue, nutrition for undernourished…. It was a medicine for the apathetic people as a nervous system’s stimulant, a digestive and a product improving work of kidneys.


Palacio de la Autonomía, Lic. Primo Verdad 2, Centro Historico, close to Templo Mayor


29.02-01.03.2020 11:00 – 20:00

Free entry