Long-term rental in Mexico City

Discover exceptional service and comfort at Casa de Chiles

When seeking a long-term rental in Mexico City, finding a place that offers outstanding service, convenient amenities, and flexibility in terms of rental duration is crucial. Look no further than Casa de Chiles—a remarkable apartment located in colonia Cuauhtémoc,  that goes above and beyond to ensure a memorable and comfortable stay.


Outstanding service and complimentary cleaning maid

Casa de Chiles takes pride in providing exceptional service to its renters. With a dedicated staff committed to ensuring a pleasant stay, you can expect top-notch assistance throughout your rental period. As an added bonus, Casa de Chiles offers a complimentary cleaning maid service each 10 days, allowing you to enjoy a clean and tidy living space without the hassle of daily chores.


Flexible rental options

Whether you’re looking for a short-term stay of two nights or a longer-term arrangement spanning several months, Casa de Chiles can accommodate your needs. With the condition that there are no reservations for future dates, you have the flexibility to extend your stay based on availability. This flexibility is ideal for individuals or families in transition, allowing for a seamless transition without the worry of securing alternative accommodations.


Long-term rental in Mexico City: competitive pricing

At Casa de Chiles, affordable pricing is a priority. With a nightly rate of only $49 USD per person, it presents an excellent value for the comfort and convenience it offers. What’s more, for each additional person, the cost is just $10 USD per night, making it an attractive option for families or groups up to 4 people. For stays exceeding eight nights, Casa de Chiles offers a generous 10% discount, and for stays surpassing 28 nights, a remarkable 20% discount is applied. This pricing structure allows for significant savings and further enhances the appeal of Casa de Chiles as a long-term rental option.


Direct rental from the owner, no commissions

When you choose Casa de Chiles as your long-term rental, you benefit from direct rental arrangements with the owner, eliminating any middlemen or commissions. This direct approach ensures a transparent and hassle-free rental experience, providing peace of mind and confidence in your decision.


Long-term rental in Mexico City: easy reservation process

To secure your long-term rental at Casa de Chiles, simply visit the reservation page . The user-friendly interface allows you to check availability, select your desired dates, and request the reservation seamlessly. With a clear and straightforward process, you can secure your preferred accommodation quickly and efficiently. We will contact you as soon as we see your message.

For those seeking a long-term rental in Mexico City, Casa de Chiles stands out as an exceptional choice. With outstanding service, a complimentary cleaning maid, flexible rental options, competitive pricing, direct rental from the owner, and a hassle-free reservation process, Casa de Chiles offers the perfect blend of convenience and comfort. Whether you’re staying for a few nights or several months, this remarkable apartment is committed to ensuring a memorable and enjoyable stay for every resident. Secure your long-term rental at Casa de Chiles and experience the best of Mexico City’s vibrant culture and warm hospitality.