Teotihuacán – one of the most important archeological sites of the world. Before falling into ruins, around 500 A.D. was the biggest city in pre-Columbian Americas, and one of the 6 largest cities in the world, inhabited for more than 125 000 people. Its name means “place where Gods were born”, Aztecs, who came later, after Teotihuacán collapsed believed that gods created the universe from there.

The city was known for a fine craft, including pottery, jewellery and obsidian artefacts.

The collapse of the city was probably related to the severe draughts in 6th century causing famine and deaths.

The city is aligned to 15,5° east-north, what assured the same angle of sunrises during the whole summer and time calculation. Cut by the main avenue called Avenue of the Dead, at its end has 2 pyramides: Pyramide of the Sun (3rd in the world according to the size) and Pyramide of the Moon, worth to climb fot breath-taking photos.

Entering Teotihuacán you may get lucky and see the voladores de Papantla giving their short spectacle.

Opening hours:

Tuesday – Sunday 9:00 – 17:00

​Entrance fee: 64 MXN

How to get there from Casa de Chiles?

Take the metro from Chapultepec station direction Pantitlán. Change at Balderas for the line no 3 direction Indios Verdes, then 5 stops later change in la Raza for line no 5 direction Politechnica. Get one stop later in the station Autobuses del Norte. Get off and walk straight to the bus terminal (Terminal del Norte). Once inside, ask for directions or get to the gate 8, where you will see the inscription “Autobuses Teotihuacán“, with a blue pyramid sign. A return ticket costs around 90 MXN. Travel lasts about 1 hour. Busses are leaving with the frequency of 20 min. Do not forget a hat and a sun screen…