Strawberry moon

You have already had the opportunity to appreciate the Blood Moon, but did you know that there is also a Strawberry Moon? This peculiar astronomical phenomenon will happen soon in Mexico City.

The Strawberry Moon will begin on the night of Sunday, June 4th and will extend until Tuesday, June 6th. Keep in mind that the best time to enjoy it will be on June 4th at 9 pm, and according to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the event can be observed without the need for a telescope.


Will the Moon turn strawberry-colored?

The Strawberry Moon will be, strictly speaking, a supermoon. So the natural satellite will appear approximately 30% brighter and 17% larger than usual. As for the color, the Moon near the horizon will take on a tone between orange and pink, similar to a ripe strawberry.

It is important to mention that the Moon does not change color in this or any other astronomical phenomenon. What happens is that its appearance varies depending on many factors, including the refraction of light. This means that the color of this supermoon is a subjective perception and not a real physical characteristic.

As a curious fact, the colloquial term “Strawberry Moon” is very popular in the United States and is based on the tradition of naming each full Moon of the year with a name related to a natural or cultural event. Particularly, the June supermoon refers to the harvest season of strawberries and other wild fruits in the northern hemisphere of the Earth.

In addition to the this supermoon, Mexico will witness another astronomical phenomenon.

After 32 years since the day when everything darkened and then dawned again, a new solar eclipse will be visible in Mexico. This time it will be an annular eclipse, and a ring of fire will be distinguished. Mark the date in your calendar: 14 October 2023