Solar eclipse 2024

On April 8, 2024, a total solar eclipse will occur that will be visible in the three countries of North America: Mexico, the United States of America, and Canada; however, Mexico will have the best weather conditions for its observation, and the duration of the total phase of the eclipse will be greater here. Therefore, the scientific community in Mexico considers this event as the Great Mexican Eclipse.


Where the solar eclipse  will be seen?

According to astronomical calculations, in the port of Mazatlán, the eclipse will begin at 9:51:23 am, with the total phase at 11:09:35 am, and will conclude at 12:32 pm.

In Mexico City (CDMX), the eclipse will begin at 10:55 am, reach its maximum phase at 12:14 pm, and end at 1:36 pm.

Mazatlán will have the longest duration of the total eclipse: 4 minutes and 20 seconds. This duration is the longest on the entire continent. Including the partial and total phases, the eclipse will last for 2 hours and 41 minutes.

Other cities in Mexico where the total eclipse will be visible include Durango, Torreón, and Monclova, although with a shorter duration. However, most of the country will experience a partial eclipse. For example, during the maximum phase of the eclipse in Mexico City, the Moon will cover 79% of the solar disk.


What is an eclipse?

Eclipses are one of the most spectacular natural phenomena. They occur when the Sun, the Moon, and the Earth align along a straight line. If the Earth is in between the other two celestial bodies, we have a lunar eclipse. If the Moon is between the Sun and the Earth, then we have a solar eclipse.

Although between two and five solar eclipses can occur each year, most of them are partial. The last time we observed a total solar eclipse in Mexico was on July 11, 1991, and the next one will occur on March 30, 2052.


How long do they last?

A total lunar eclipse can last up to 3.45 hours; this is because the diameter of the Moon is much smaller than the extent of the Earth’s shadow at the distance where our natural satellite is located. The maximum duration of a total solar eclipse is 7.5 minutes, as the apparent sizes of the Sun and the Moon are very similar.

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