Noctambulante camping in Xochimilco

Answer the call of Cthulhu with this terror film cycle and Noctambulante camping event in Xochimilco, inspired by the master of cosmic horror, H.P. Lovecraft.


Have you heard the call of Cthulhu? Join this terror film cycle and also the camping event inspired by H.P. Lovecraft.


Horror on trajineras

This horror film festival will be inspired by one of the most prominent writers in the horror genre of the 20th century, Howard Phillips Lovecraft. It’s the classic Noctambulante horror festival that now comes with even more inspiration and will take place on the trajineras (traditional boats) of Xochimilco with a horror film cycle. The curation is designed to provide a “brief but very significant” tribute through Lovecraft’s stories and another narratives that inspired the work of some directors.


Program of Noctambulante

We know you love chilling experiences, and this cycle inspired by the writer of “The Call of Cthulhu” awaits you in this mysterious environment filled with trajineras and perhaps, your own soul… As you know, Noctambulante always screens great outdoor horror films. And during its various editions have offered ideal settings to get scared and enjoy, a movie marathon that will keep you awake all night. Some of the feature films include:

  • “The Call of Cthulhu” by Andrew Leman
  • “The Thing” by John Carpenter
  • “The Dunwich Horror” by Daniel Haller
  • “Dreams in The Witch-House” by Stuart Gordon
  • “The Whisperer in Darkness” by Sean Branney
  • “In the Mouth of Madness” by John Carpenter
  • “From Beyond” by Stuart Gordon
  • “The Void” by Jeremy Gillespie

Of course, there’s also the classic camping experience, and you can now purchase individual, couple, or family tickets. While the complete program hasn’t been announced yet, Noctambulante promises that it will be based on film adaptations and movies.

Remember that transportation to the chinampa (floating garden) is part of the experience. There will be a boat that will take you to the movie screening location. The trajinera that will take you to this night of horror will depart from the Ecotourism Park Michmani pier, in front of the Virgilio Uribe canoeing track. Departures will start at 4:00 PM. On the chinampa, there will be restrooms, food, drinks, and, if needed, medical assistance throughout the event.



Tickets until June 2nd: $480 pesos for general admission, $800 for couples, and $2,200 for the family package.

Fourth phase from June 3rd to June 16th: $500 pesos for individual tickets, $850 for couples, and $2,400 for the family package.

On the day of the event, ticket prices increase to $520 pesos per person, $900 per couple, and $2,500 for the family package (up to six people).

The ticket includes canoe transportation from the pier to the campsite on the chinampa (round trip), access to the camping area, and access to the screening areas.

Where: Ecotourism Park Michmani, in front of the Virgilio Uribe canoeing track.

When: June 17, 2023, departures starting at 4:00 PM.

Price: Starting from $480 pesos.