Earthquake lights – real or not?

Earthquake lights

One of the fenomenon of the earthquake in Mexico City  is a strange light appearing on the sky. Commonly named lights of the earthquake, they appear during or immediately after the shaking and take form of thunderbolts or flashes of light. Usually thise flash lights have blue or green color and often are compared to aurora borealis.

Those lights have been observed over centuries and initially were called ghost lights of the earthquake. Once ghost intervention has been rolled out, it appeared a conspiracy theory that the lights are connected to secret programs of USA, and especially the DARPA program, which for many years has been considered as a suspicious program experimenting with climate manipulation.

Happily for the inhabitants of Mexico City the earthquake of 19 of September was not a catastrophic one, no major damages have been reported. But, as with every major earthquake, it has been reported a show of earthquake lights on the horizon. Some of the observers took them for storm thunderbolts, some for electricity cables hitting each other after being broken during the earthquake, some even suspected OVNIs.


What the science says?

Obviously the sicence discarded possibility of ovnis, and has its own theory: earthquakes are caused by tectonic plates rubbing each other, and in the same moment they free energy.

Few decades ago one scientist from NASA discovered that if there is a sudden shock between two big rocks on the coat of the Earth, they may produce a series of electromagnetic discharges. Those discharges free to the atmosphere a fluorescent energy, which has been named “lights of the earthquake“.

Even if this theory is not completely confirmed till today, this theory is the closest one to the probability.

Dduring the earthquake the sky is the last thing people are thinking about, but scientists believe that a careful analysis of the energy liberation (and the lights) opens possibility to forecast erthquakes with anticipation of 24 hours, what would save a lot of lives.

There is unverified information that some older people correctly linked dancing lights on the horizon with an eaarthquake which supposed to occur next day.


Do those lights have a scientific name?

Lights of the earthquake received a scientific name triboluminescence. This name verbally means “light emitted by rubbing”. As studied, those lights can appear before the plates smash each other, and before the earthquake occurs, and the liberation of energy is provoked by slides in the cracks in tectonic plates. This liberation of energy not always provokes electric discharges, but usually occurs when the earthquake will be of magnitude 5 or higher.


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