Earthquake 19 of September 2022

Earthquake 19 of September 2022: I have to admit, that the date of 19 fo September is not the most fortunate for Mexico City. After the devastating earthquake on September 19, 1985, where over 10 000 people lost life, Mexican governement established the 19th of September a commemorative day with a simulation of a seismic alarm to keep the populatio alerted and ready to react.

Unfortunately, the Nature is choosing the same day to act again, putting Mexicans in disbelief.

In 2017, shortly after the simulation, the alarm went off again, and many people thought that this is an error or a joke. Seconds later the city was shaken with an earthquake, which later was estimated as 7.1. This earthquake was only 12 days after the one of September 7th, with the magnitude of 8.1, the strongest one in a century, which claimed 98 lives.

And here we go again: again 19th of September, and barely one hour after the simulation, the alarm went again, shaking the capital with the magnitude of 7.6 / 7.4 (depending of the quoted source).

As everything is connected and the whole Earth crust moves together, the next natural menace woke up: Popocatepetl decided to respond to the shaking and started an increased activity. In the next hours and days it is expected a fall of ashes on the Mexico City.

It is strongly recommended to use face masks, if possible, protective glasses, do not do exercises outside, keep windows closed and stay at home if not necessary to get out.