Drone show for the Dia de Muertos

An incredible spectacle for the Dia de Muertos will take place to inaugurate Dia de Muertos on Zocalo.

For the first time the government of Mecico City will install special lights on the buildings rounding Place of Constitution in the Historic Centre of Mexico City. The light installation will add glamour to the celebration of Dia de Muertos and supposes to attract even more tourists.

The theme of the Dia de Muertos will be focused on traditional Mexican values and will stay in place till 20 of November, 112 anniversary of the Revolution.

In December, the light decoration will change for the theme of Christmas and New Year.

The whole installation will count 27 thousands of leds, 6 tons of metal bars, 4 tons of wire, 3 kilometers of garlands and 12 kilometers of cables. Giant mosaics of lights will be installed on the Avenida de 20 Noviembre, on Paseo de la Reforma, close to Angel and on the cross of Insurgentes and Reforma.

On the inauguration day it is expected a huge spectacle of drones, the tentative date is 25 of October, around 20:00. Besides of the already famous parade for the Dia de Muertos, there will be a pirotechnic spectacle as well, and this spectacle will be transmitted live online.

The lightning will be on according to the meteorological conditions in Mexico City.

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