Cactus Gateway

Already with a few years of existence, Cactus Gateway opens as the neighboring gay resort to CDMX exclusively for men, where clothing is optional, or in other words, nudity is present with all that entails (sex).


It is located in the town of Alpuyeca, municipality of Xochitepec, an hour away from Mexico City, making it a destination designed for weekends of relaxed homosexual eroticism and sensuality with plenty of fantasy possibilities and, above all, guaranteed safety.

The architecture of the space evokes the breezes of a tropical village, and inside it has 14 lodging cabins for two people each, which can be reserved for one or two nights according to preference. Pay attention here: reservations are not exclusive to couples; all types of men are welcome, whether single, married, or smitten.

A normal day involves arriving around 11 am or noon, either with a reserved room — including amenities like coffee, fruits, and sandwiches — or through a day pass that does not include overnight accommodation or meals and drinks. Let’s be clear: it is not exactly a cheap destination, but the costs are directly proportional to the quality of the facilities, service, and exclusivity that Cactus Men’s Gateway offers. It’s worth asking about special packages.

That said, get comfortable showing off your favorite swimsuit and start relaxing in any of its terrace-like areas or wooded paths, although the pool is the most requested when the sun is at its peak, toasting deliciously. As the drinks refresh the afternoon, some guys begin to let loose by taking off their clothes.

The bar service includes beers, spirits such as rum, tequila, and vodka from different brands, and a flirty cocktail menu, in addition to a small but interesting menu of salads, pastas, or sandwiches in case you need to recharge energy. As the crickets make their appearance and the sky darkens, the action concentrates in the jacuzzi, where 30 men can comfortably and playfully enter. There, you can also find tables and spa-like beds. For those with a room, the action extends until the body can handle it.

Cactus Men’s Gateway is enjoying a good reception from the community devoted to this type of space, so if you feel like visiting, it’s better to start making reservations.

Where: Cactus Men’s Getaway Alpuyeca, Morelos.

Phone: 6840 8057.

Price: MEX$ 890-MEX$ 7,299.

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